This game takes place in a very fantastical world of my own creation, based on everything in Dungeons and Dragons, with my own twists. The world is called Eden.

Every deity can be found in Eden, whether it be from Eberron, Forgotten Realms, or standard Dungeons and Dragons. The countries vary quite a bit. While some believe in only magic, some in only Divine power, others yet believe in nothing.

The planet Eden was created hundreds of millions of years ago by two very old beings from another dimension. They created everything from the grains of sand on the beaches of the islands to the deities themselves, calling them their children. Shortly after they were done creating, they disappeared. The deities tried to keep the creators in their memories, but as time passed and deities died and were born anew, the creators were forgotten.

After the creators left, the deities became bored with themselves and began creating creatures, intelligent and otherwise. Thus Eden was populated with the races and monsters we know.

Gods of Eden

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