The Empire of Draconis

The Empire of Draconis believes very strongly in Divine and Arcane magic. They are very accepting of all types of magics, technologies, and the like. Draconis is sometimes referred to as “the star of the North”, as it is generally the most popular country on the North continent.

When Eden was created, before the planet was settled, the dragons settled in the land now called Draconis. They made their home in their vast mountain ranges, forests, and Lake Bellas, the largest lake in the world. The worshipers of the dragons made villages in the area in order to be close to their gods. As civilization expanded, a palace was constructed as an offering to the dragon Krayta. The people were attempting to convince Krayta to be their ruler. She accepted, and for the first few generations of Draconis, their empire was ruled by a dragon. As time went on, the dragons gave up their desire for political involvement in favor of treasure hording and solace. The last dragon emperor chose the new emperor. Every time an emperor dies, the dragons are asked to choose a new one.

The capitol of Draconis is the Twin Cities, Endoin and Eldoin. Between the cities runs the great river, and at the mouth of the river, atop the mountain, sits the Dragon Palace.

On the western border of Draconis lies Shanetta. On the east, the great mountain city called Wreathwood. Other notable locations are Hempshire, Chiydah Maveth, the dubious city of Vitikus, and the underground, man-made city of Ethavium, which lies under Shanetta.

In the current time line, Draconis is at war with its southern neighbor, Andor.

The Empire of Draconis

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